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Over 1000 Chimney Cleans...and counting

Brisbane Chimney Expert

Want expert advice on your chimney? Need your fireplace repaired or chimney cleaned.

Want the job done right, first time? 

Brisbane Chimney Cleaning is your local chimney expert. 

We're based in Brisbane and provide year-round support for your chimney and fireplace. We specialize in all types of chimney work, including cleaning/sweeping, general maintenance and repair. As your chimney ages, regular inspections are essential to ensure the safety of you and your home. 

Blocked chimneys can cause chimney fires or carbon monoxide to build up in your room and these can be fatal. Anytime wood is burned in a fireplace, soot and creosote are produced. Soot is made up of fine, black carbon particles and creosote is an oily, flammable liquid tar. These by-products cling to the inside of a chimney and can cause a chimney fire.

The Home Heating Association recommends that wood burning fireplaces are to be serviced annually and cleaned regularly to ensure safe & efficient operation thus in turn, reducing smoke output.


At Brisbane chimney cleaning we provide a fast, friendly and reliable service.

Our range of services include:


  • chimney and flue cleaning

  • repairs and maintenance

  • cleaning of slow combustion heaters and open fires

  • safety checks

  • flue extensions and top caps

  • provide fire bricks for slow combustion heaters

  • perform pre-gas cleaning of fireplaces

  • replace glass and door seals

  • install chimney dampers and possum/bird mesh

  • service of heaters

  • removals of slow combustion heaters

  • perform complete visual inspections


Mobile : 0405 634 350 

Email :

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